Lions Clubs sight conservation gives “invaluable” support

We were so pleased to hear from Michelle Koo at Downtown College Prep Alum Rock, in response to our efforts to help their students. This is the blessing of being a Lion: seeing how we can made a difference in our community and especially for young people for whom glasses and classroom supplies are essential to learn. Michelle wrote…

Hi Jim,
Thank you so much for helping our students get the basic supplies they need  in order to learn.

DCP is the Silicon Valley’s only college-prep public school to explicitly target underperforming students — and help them succeed.

Your support has been invaluable. It is like magic. After having a student fill out a referral form, they miss class for part of a day in order to get glasses and they come back a new person. They are more eager to participate and doing better in class.

Those of us who wear glasses often take them for granted, but imagine sitting through class being unable to follow the discussion because you can’t see the board or read from your book.  This  is the reality that some of our students are dealing with.

At Downtown College Prep, 100% of our students qualify for free and reduced priced lunch (about 90% live below the federal poverty level) and their families are unable to pay for glasses.  Your support is making it possible for our students to focus on learning and preparing for college.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Happy Holidays!

— Michelle Koo
Blended Mathematics
Downtown College Prep Alum Rock
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If you need support that the Lions Club can provide, we want to help. See this link to learn about how to apply for help regarding blindness, need for eyeglasses or hearing impairment.

And to learn more about Downtown College Prep and their programs to help first generation students to achieve their dream of being the first in their family to attend college, visit