Willow Glen Lions: joy through friendship and service

The beauty of being a member of Lions Club is that we can enjoy making a difference in the lives of children, adults, and families right here in our local community and throughout the world!

The annual Walk to School Day in Willow Glen. To support this great event, Willow Glen Lions have participated annually for the past two years. This is Galarza and Hammer School kids and personnel, and to the far right, Jeff Senigaglia is the organizer of our Lions Club participation.

Find out why Lions Club may be a fun and exciting adventure in service, and a lifetime commitment to Lionism.  Come to one of our meetings and discover
Willow Glen Lions Club: a fun, exciting group of caring and resourceful folks who love to help others.
We meet on the second and fourth Wed. night at Denny’s on Hillsdale in San Jose.
The meeting is free to visitors!
Dinner is ‘no-host’.
Meet and greet and order dinner at 6 pm, and our meeting starts promptly at 6:30.
We look forward to meeting you soon!

Current 2012-2013 President: Steve Jackson   Phone: 408-580-7323

2012-2013 Past President: George Jewett – fpman2 (at) sbcglobal.net
2011-2012 Past President: Luis Krystal – lkrystal (at) fjfremont.com
2009-2011 Past President: Rick Loek  – rloek (at) calrima.com

10 Responses to Willow Glen Lions: joy through friendship and service

  1. Steve Jackson

    Thanks everyone for such a great time last Sunday. Special recognition should go to, of course Ron and Linda Smested for their entire efforts, and there were many I saw. I also want to thank Roland who showed up within 1 minute of me Sunday morning at 4 minutes to 5 a.m. on Lincoln Avenue at the La Villa Deli. Amazing to see someone who is not even an official member yet, show such enthusiasm.

    • WillowGlenLionsClub

      Everyone worked very hard, but it is truly heartening to see volunteers stepping in to help. Three cheers for Ron and Linda Smested for their huge effort of organization and energy. Cheers!

    • Lion Linda

      A big “Thank You” to all attendees who purchased our breakfast burritos and to all volunteers who helped at our booth at LaVilla Deli Sunday September 9th on Lincoln Ave in Willow Glen. Our efforts will help local community charities in great time of need!

  2. Jim Isaacson

    Lions at “Walk to School” Friday October 13, 2012

    The mass of students and parents filled the Willow Glen Bank of America parking lot. All the students had bright yellow balloons. Four Mascots, each with a local dignitary, led groups of students and parents walking to four local schools. It was definitely a successful event.

    Eight Willow Glen Lions (by my count; we will list names and get the correct count) came to help. We lent hands in setting up, giving out balloons, and distributing the morning snacks. Mostly we were part of the crowd enjoying the morning, seeing the enthusiasm for walking to school. Just think of all those parents mustering their kids for a special, early morning. We were there around 7 AM and finished by 8:30. Lions helped Zanottos distribute apples, pears and granola bars and made good acquaintance with Troy from Zanottos. We will have him attend a meeting, establish Zanottos as a supporter of Willow Glen Lions and hopefully gain a member.

  3. darla andt

    Could you post the order form or put an ecommerce link on your site for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree project. Thanks

    • WillowGlenLionsClub

      This is a great idea. We’re just learning how to put up e-commerce sites for our projects. It wouldn’t be found on this site, since this is a WordPress site, but we can try to build another site for this use. To order your Charley Brown Christmas Trees, email Dave at tdadave (at) comcast.net or stop by one of our Willow Glen Lions meetings! Our meetings are FREE and they take place on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at Denny’s on Hillsdale, just west of Almaden Expressway. If you stop by, be sure to ask for Dave or Steve regarding the Christmas Tree program. PS We also have wreaths!

  4. We haven`t herd from Jeff Senigalia about the upcoming Willow Glen,”Walk to School” event 24 October 2013. Location, Bank of America Parking Lot on Lincoln Avenue at 7:00 a.m.
    Will the Lion`s be with us again as a sponsor and help us as Volunteers. Your previous sponsorship level has been $250.

    Best regards,

    Richard Zappelli, President , Willow Glen Neighborhood Association.

    cell phone 408 674 9104 Please confirm. We need your help.

    • WillowGlenLionsClub

      Hi folks, we’re donating some funds and a number of us are going to show up for the Walk to School, as we have in the past. We love doing this and are so pleased that we can help you make it a success. Please email Jeff Senigaglia directly, to confirm donation and signups. Cheers!

  5. WillowGlenLionsClub

    Hi Charles,
    We sincerely thank you for your nice comment about our website. We do this site internally and don’t hire out any of the work. If you like what you see and you’d like to meet the folks represented in the site, feel free to stop by one of our meetings to meet us. The second and fourth Wednesday evening, dinner and meeting starts at 6 to 6:30- pm, and the meeting goes til 8. Denny’s at 1140 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA 95118. You might just enjoy yourself so much you’ll want to join us and really have some fun! But no pressure, LOL! ;-) Lion Carol, Webmaster

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